Spolverato Barillari & Partners is formed of a team of lawyers and consultants to advise medium and large enterprise in labour disputes.

The division counts on more than twenty professionals who have built up highly diversified experience in law offices, structured companies, private and public organisations and business management firms. The company has offices in Padua, Rome, Verona and Venice-Mestre.

Our lawyers and consultants handle disputes between employees and employer, between companies and trade union organisations, between companies and social security institutes and work inspection services. They have distinctive skills in contract tender disputes (especially in the distribution and warehouse sector), dismissals (especially chain store retail trade), social security and social security (INPS, INAIL, Enasarco), administrative and penal sanctions (labour intermediation, health and safety).


Spolverato Barillari & Partners provides advisory assistance in human resources management, organisation, and assessment, developing career paths, organisational models and health and safety in the workplace.

The advisory projects for human resources organisation are addressed to identifying the most appropriate work methods for the specific company, defining and implementing rules and tools in order to achieve an efficiently running organisational machine.

Career development interventions are addressed to defining the most suitable methods in order to improve individual performance within the organisation, directing conduct so that it is consistent with the assigned responsibilities and the company’s strategic goals.

Companies are assisted in their health and safety matters through the management of all the current legal requirements governing health and safety in the workplace, constructing and implementing the governance systems envisaged by Legislative Decree no. 231/2001.