Avv. Elisa Pavanello


Elisa Pavanello

lawyer and legal consultant


this is my story

I have a PhD in Comparative and European law, and work in labour law and labour crime law. I assist companies that have implemented organisation models envisaged by legislative decree no. 231/2001, and I am specialised in both public and private contract tenders. I also work in disputes, in particular with directors, and provide legal assistance in human resources management.

  • Assistenza nel contenzioso con dipendenti e istituti (Ispettorato del Lavoro, Inps, Inail 100%
  • Consulenza continuativa agli uffici del personale 80%
  • Consulenza nella gestione dei fornitori e del personale impiegato nei settori della logistica e del trasporto 100%
  • Consulenza nella gestione del personale impiegato nelle catene retail e grande distribuzione 80%
  • Consulenza in materia di sicurezza e modelli organizzativi ex d.Lgs. N. 231/01 100%



Spolverato Barillari & partners has a team of more than 20 professional lawyers, business consultants and labour consultants. The added value given by Spolverato Barillari & Partners advisory services is the extensive experience and skills of all these professionals. Our lawyers and labour consultants have built up a wide range of expertise in law firms, structured companies, private and public organisations and management consultancy firms. They have great know-how about complex corporate processes, and how they work and the problems that arise. They are able to ensure valid solutions using a multidiscipline approach that combines their business and organisational skills with their work administration law skills.

They handle disputes between employees and employer, between companies and trade union organisations, between companies and social security institutes and work inspection services. They have distinctive skills in contract tender disputes (especially in the distribution and warehouse sector), dismissals (especially chain store retail trade), social security and welfare (INPS, INAIL, Enasarco), administrative and penal sanctions (labour intermediation, health and safety).

Our lawyers and consultants also provide advisory assistance in human resources management, organisation, and assessment, developing career paths, organisational models and health and safety in the workplace. Their various specialisations in law and labour consultancy guarantee only the highest quality